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Non contact digital Infrared Thermometer, for home and commercial use

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Non contact digital Infrared Thermometer,

for use in the home for babies and adults alike. Also for commercial business to test clientele or staff for fever.

  1. Large screen with multi colour indicators
    1. 32 – 37.5 degree – green back light,
    2. 37.6 – 38.5 degree – orange back light- slight fever
    3. 38.6 – 42.9 degree – red back light – fever
  2. 1 second rapid temperature check
  3. Non contact to avoid cross infection
  4. accurate

A persons temperature is the fastest indicator of illness. Whether it be a light fever in a child or a quick COVID checker, a fast, accurate non contact thermometer  in the home or in the office is an essential item.

We know that being a parent is tough and full of anxiety, in the early hours of the morning when you are half asleep you need to know quickly whether your child is running a fever. This point and shoot device takes a child’s temperature and instantly indicates the level of urgency with either a green, yellow or RED back screen. No questioning of what temperature is a fever or not.

Equally for commercial use, before your staff come in test them, the last thing you need is for an overeager staff member spreading a fever around the place of work, imagine the costs of losing all your staff through illness. Likewise do you really need to have a meeting with a COVID carrying client or rep. The non contact, non invasive device can quickly check that all is OK.