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As a professional hypnotherapist I love stories about Donald Trump.

They always make me and the kids smile. The other morning was no different, on the Mike Hoskings News Talk radio show I listened to him ridicule Donald Trump. For those who missed it Donald was hosting a meeting devoted to the struggling restaurant industry. Something of interest to the restaurant industry I am sure, but nothing that will shake the world up. How wrong can you be, President Trump manipulated the answer to a question relating to whistle blowers to a statement about hydroxychloroquine. Hydroxychloroquine is used to treat or prevent malaria but was touted to have possible coronavirus prevention properties. In this minor meeting President Trump excited the world by stating he was taking hydroxychloroquine! That was it, the press and the internet came alive with the next stupid Trump comment, and as I said even our favorite presenter let us all share in the giggle.  

The problem is this is Trump at his best. Since Trump announced himself as a candidate for the republican party the entertainment and journalistic sectors have made him out to be a clown. However, they have all seemed to gloss over the fact that Trump has been a very successful international businessman, a television celebrity, a best-selling writer and now the president of America. Some clown A! 

Trump is no politician; he is a salesman with amazing persuasion skills. Some like Scott Adams another hypnotherapist and the writer of the cartoon Dilbert believe Trump to be a master persuader. His book Win Bigly explains in detail how Scott predicted a Trump victory from day 1 and is well worth a read. However, in essence Donald’s approach is simple and effective because it appeals directly to how the human mind works and the mockery only advances the fact, (for free).. 

The human mind hates details, people switch off when they “hear we have to do this because x% of the capital value of that has increase by y% over the corresponding 12 months due to bore bore bore, wake me up when its over”. The minds critical factor shuts up shop and your mind wanders off to something far more interesting. When Trump said we are going to build a wall, and although the Mexicans don’t know it, yet they are going to pay for it. The world split its sides and repeated it again and again on TV radio etc. Theory would suggest that in the eyes of the electorate he would look a fool with no chance of becoming the president.  

But Trump has a formula. Build the anticipation up (if he can), hit them with a short phrase that creates a simple image in our minds, justify it with no facts but indicate authority behind it and repeat words again and again.  

If trump had said that 100’s of immigrants were coming across the border, taking jobs and committing crime no one would take any notice. He said build the wall. Instantly every listener had an image of a wall in their mind and walls stop people. When they said people climb walls Trump said we’ll build it 10ft higher. Instantly everyone’s vision grew. When asked for evidence he said “Border patrol, I was at the border last week. Border patrol, people that ideal with, that I talk to, they say This is what’s happening”. Instantly an image of Trump talking to Border patrol, he said or indicated border patrol four times in one sentence. And through out all of this time Trumps enemies mocked him and advanced his argument free of chance. Later when asked who was going to be stronger at controlling borders the majority said Trump.  

Now look at his Hydroxychloroquine speech. His build up was slow but he ranted on about a democrat that supported Hydroxychloroquine and now doesn’t believe in it. Then it comes 

“why would he sign it and a lot of good thing have come out of about the hydroxy a lot of good things have come out and you’d be surprised at how many people are taking it is the frontline workers before you catch it the front line workers many many are taking it I happen to be taking it I happen to be taking it my track record I’m taking it hydroxychloroquine right now yeah a couple of weeks ago I started taking it because I think its good I’ve heard a lot of good stories and if its not good I’ll tell you right I’m not gonna get hurt by it it’s been around for 40 years for malaria for lupus for other things i take it front line workers take it a lot of doctors take excuse me a lot of doctors take I take it now I hope to not to be able to take it soon because you know I hope they come up with some answer but I think people should be allowed to I got a letter from a doctor the other day from Westchester New York around the area he didn’t want anything he said sir I have hundreds of patients and I give them hydroxychloroquine I give them the Z pak which is Xethru Meissen and I give them Zinc and out of the hundreds of patients many hundreds over 300 patients I haven’t lost one he said please keep pressing that sir”. 

In this short segment of his speech, he creates the image of the president taking a pill to fight corona virus. (taking a proactive lead) and he tells us it is a good thing 3 times, that he and front-line works use it 8 times. He gives no facts other than a letter from a GP (an authority) who supports it. The news cycle changed the story went global and the mockers are back to push his agenda.  

What does he get out of this? His opposition hope that he looks like a fool and that it hurts reelection campaign. The unimportant rationalized part of the mind would probably agree and laugh along with everyone else. The sub-conscious mind though has an image of a president taking the pill, why? to help the country fight against this Chinese virus, (another Trump repetitive claim) and the vision is supported by the front-line workers, so he is on the good guys side fighting for America. Remember he is also gunning for the WHO, the USA spend $400m and the Chinese $40m etc.   

Trump creates an image in peoples mind and in time, in an election when asked what Trump did to fight the virus we will remember our images not the facts.  

Hypnotherapist revere the likes of Milton H Erickson the father of modern hypnotherapy. Erickson mastered the use of the metaphor and introduced it to the hypnosis world. It is a message within a story. We have all heard them, Aesop’s fables, the hare and the tortoise for example he moral lesson of the story is that you can be more successful by doing things slowly and steadily than by acting quickly and carelessly. Or Christian Anderson, the ugly duckling. The concept of course is that whilst relaxed in a hypnotic state we tell a story and the clients sub-conscious associated with it, allowing us to change our ways or understand ourselves. 

But has Trumps formula been replicated, one could possibly see similarities in Boris the UK PM. But I haven’t seen many more. Later this year New Zealand will be going to the polls. Jacinda Ardern’s leadership through the COVID-19 crisis has been seen internationally and internally as exceptional if you compare results. You could argue our infection rate to world rates are similar, but our death rates are lower. We have just received the pre-election budget that will financially cripple the country in the long term. But in the most recent poll her labour party rocketed up the polls to 56.5% and Ardern’s popularity as the preferred PM soured to 59.5%.the highest any PM has scored in the pol’s history.  

So, what now for the leader of the opposition and the National Party. Change the leader, don’t change the leader, it doesn’t matter. At this moment in time the PM and Dr. Ashley Bloomfield are at center of the must watch 30 min show in town and whilst they can continue with low numbers, they are going to be heroes. The use of the word ‘bubble’ amazing imagery of being safe and protected. One word so much power similar to trumps wall.  

If the National party decides to use the same strategy of the past – the we are good for business we are good for law and order then they will lose. This is not the agenda and the leadership is irrelevant. So is the result of the election in the bag for Labour? Clearly they are in the strongest position but is it in the bag. If the new leader of National was Trump, could he win. The Hypno in me thinks he would create and alter the image of the bubble, Jacinda’s bubble protected us, would Trump the master persuader be able to alter the bubbles perception, could Jacinda’s bubble suffocate us?  Could a Trump like strategy win?  

I care little for the ideology, free nations change and global businesses will change ideology because change happens and keeps people busy. My interest is mind control how can certain infamous people motivate and persuade and how powerful it can be. Hitler and Mao lead people to disaster in the end, but they persuaded the vast majority to follow. Trump is now, this is a non politician who was called a raciest and not exactly female friendly in the middle of the ‘me two’ campaign. His understanding of how the mind works won him the biggest seat in the world with the world mocking him.  

Could a Trump bring a Jacinda back to earth? 

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