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Top organisations around the world support hypnotherapy as an alternative to drugs. Peter Whorwell BSc BS MD PhD FRCP currently at Manchester Univsity has developed a treatment to imporve Irritable bowl syndrome, and the Mayo clinic uses Hypnotherapy for pain relief. It is important to understand that not only is Hypnotherapy safe it is widley being reported as having many beneficial outcomes.

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Recomemnded friends around the world. There are plenty of to qaulity therapists and counsellors around the globe, if i ndoubt ask them about their traing, what have the got and who they have tained with.. Noting that hypnotherapy will not hurt you but you want to go to someone who is trained. Also expect to get a follow up, and expect a recording if you want one. Hypnotherapy is self regulating and practioners do not have to belong to an organisation. In christchurch most of the hypnotherapists regularly meet and discuss our months out problems etc. and we have all been through a 12 month course.

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