Extraordinary Pain Relief through hypnosis – 2020

Pain relief through hypnosis might sound odd but Research has shown that hypnosis works. European Hospitals work with hypnosis for pain management.

In fact, one of the primary functions of hypnosis 4000 years ago in Egypt was as a medical procedure. Of course, science through the ages have ridiculed hypnosis and firmly placed it in the entertainment or alternative medicine basket to be mocked.

Progressive hospitals are now using hypno-analgesia with a light anaesthetic to perform operations. Professor Marie-Elisabeth Faymonville is the head of the pain clinic a Liege University hospital – Belgium, and has operated on more than 12,000 patents since 1992

In a presentation at the 2018 Euroanaesthesia conference in Denmark it was presented that an evaluation of 150 surgeries performed on cancer patients between 2011 and 2017 which relied on hypnosis, 99% found the method worked time.  90% of the surgeries in the study were for breast cancer and 10% were for gynecological surgeries. On average these surgeries lasted about 60 mins.

Aurore Marcou, an anesthesiologist explained that fMRI scans show hypnosis affects the cerebral mode of the brain. “the physiological state is associated with heightened receptivity for suggestions and the ability to modulate the sensory perceptions. She has advised doctors that suggestions of analgesia (the ability to feel pain) lead to a higher pain threshold and decrease in subjective pain intensity.

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The following is a BBC documentary showing a hernia operation under hypnosis