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What is Pain management / relief

Pain Management is important, We all know what pain is due to our experience of it. Because of our disliking of it we seek Pain Relief. Specific nerves (nociceptors) detect tissue damage. They therefore transmit information about the damage along the spinal cord to the brain.

Pain is an important function of the bodies defense system. If you touch a hot stove you want your hand to react and move away from the source faster than thought will allow. It is essentially a part of our fight or flight reaction.

It is also an indicator that something is wrong, so when your tooth starts to ache you go to see the dentist. More importantly if caught early enough it is an indicator of something more serious that may require medication or surgery.

However, when you know there is a problem you really want it to go away, but as we know pain can remain and create an uncomfortable existence.

Pain classification

There are two pain groupings, Acute and Chronic. Acute pain is an intense, short lived shock. You would experience in the hot stove example. Acute pain can be split into three further sections . Somatic (superficial pain), Visceal (internal organs) and referral (a pain in a location other than a source of tissue damage). Chronic pain which is usually long term such as arthritis or intermittent such as a migraine.

Hypnotherapy and Pain

The normal way to treat pain is through some opioid based medication, these drugs are often expensive and addictive.

In recent research from the University of Greenwich in London, they assessed whether hypnosis might be useful against pain. The following is an extract from the analysis


Six trials each comparing hypnotic inductions, with no-intervention control conditions on pain ratings. Eighty-five eligible studies consisting of 3632 participants. Random effects meta-analysis found analgesic effects of hypnosis for all pain outcomes. Pain was influenced by hypnotic suggestion. Optimal pain relief was obtained with direct analgesic suggestion. 42% demonstrated meaningful reductions in pain.

These findings suggest that hypnotic intervention can deliver meaningful pain relief for most people and therefore may be an effective and safe alternative to pharmaceutical intervention.

Hypnotherapy can work on Pain

It has been concluded that Hypnosis is side-effect free and, if individuals use pre-recorded audio to produce hypnosis, it can be incredibly cost-effective.


However, to prove our point, watch a video of a hernia operation under hypnosis VIDEO

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