The Science behind hypnosis and hypnotherapy

Every man woman and child enter a state of hypnosis at least 3 times per day at a minimum. Hypnosis is a flash word for a relaxed mind. Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis to guide a client through a therapy because it is the fastest method for the best impact.

The science behind it is amazingly simple. The brain is made up of neurons (cells) that in addition communicate with each other using brainwaves. Brain waves are patterns of electrical activity within the brain.  There are 5 core types of brain wave differentiated by frequency range

38 to 40 HZGammaThe highest frequency associated to high levels of excitement.
12 to 38 HZBetaThe most common pattern when we are alert or active.
8 to 12 HZAlphaQuiet time
3 to 8 HZThetaSleep
0.5 to 3 HZDeltaDeep dreamless sleep.  (healing / regeneration zone)
brain waves

Conscious mind

Despite advances in neuroscience no one really knows where it is in the brain.  It is thought to be in the cortex or the outer layer of the brain. Sigmund Fraud used the metaphor of an Ice-burg with the tip pocking out of the ocean as the conscious mind. It is general thought that the conscious part of the brain only take 5% of our cognitive activity. Conscious activities are the things you are currently aware of. the thing you are concentrating on such as a task that requires thought, mathematics or reading a map. 

We believe that we are logical beings, however, we are not clones of Spock. We are emotional creatures. 

Sub-conscious mind

The sub-conscious mind equates for about 95% of the mind. It is like a data bank of memories and experiences. Above all it is where our opinions and behaviors are formed and protected. But it seems to be more than that, it drives decision making through its laws of survival, security and enjoyment. 

In conclusion this is the area of the mind that reflects who we are, therefore, this is the true you.


As a hypnotherapist I use hypnosis to relax your mind to the Alpha frequency range. You are fully conscious, and we can even talk to each other. Whilst in the relaxed comfortable state, together we can explore your memories to try and understand what is causing the anxiety that you are feeling. Pure hypnotherapy.

No drugs.

No tricks.


Hypnotherapy dates back to the Pharaohs, arguably to Imhotep the Egyptian priest. The Egyptians used sleep or dream temples over 4000 years ago, as they believed them to heal both physical and mental issues. The sick person was put in to a trance which allowed the priest to interpreted the person’s dreams, thus gaining knowledge about the illnesses and to find a cure.

The Roman empire also adopted the use of healing sleep temples throughout the Empire. The Romans dedicated their Sleep Temples to the god Apollo.

The American Civil war saw hypnosis used by field doctors extensively by surgeons prior to an amputation, because, it was a fast method of reducing pain. Currently in the Liege University hospital specialize in full operations under hypnosis. LINK

The dental profession has also had a long history of using hypnotherapy. During dental surgery and people have had teeth extraction done without anesthetics. LINK

A lot of people use hypnotherapy in order to break habits such as smoking or weight control. My focus is on mental health and anxiety issues because I believe this is the best application is at the moment. Anxiety

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