Self hypnotherapy

Self-hypnosis in my opinion these are the most powerful tools in the hypnotherapy arsenal. They are also the easiest to master.

Whether we like it or not most anxieties are functions of the mind. When life is playing up and things are going against us, it spins around our mind. You lay in bed and the thoughts keep spinning around and you can’t sleep, and because of the lack of sleep you feel worse and can’t perform which intern creates more anxiety to spin around your head.

There is nothing wrong with you its no illness. See our anxiety page. The problem you have is that you are human, and you probably actually care. So to get good night sleep you have to clear the thoughts out of your mind. Remember the old wife’s tale of counting sheep. Well it works, imagine an endless amount of sheep jumping over a fence and count them. This is a form of self-hypnosis if you want to sleep at night, but it does not really work for anxiety issues that occur when you are out of bed.

Self-Hypnosis Script

Stare a point just above your eye line.

Slowly take three deep breaths and let them out

On the third hold it for 1,2,3 and as you let it out feel the stress in your eyes release

Feel the relaxation flow through your cheeks and jaw and then you shoulder.

Image the number 20.

Count down from 20 to 1 BUT every time you count the number floats away to be replaced by the next number.

When you get to 1 take a deep breath and open your eyes. And carry on with your day.