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Hypnotherapy is an alternative therapy that unlocks your minds potential 

The use of alchol as a drink for a social event or for enjoyment is a harmless exercise, however, alchol in regular exces or as a way to null pain or a scenario is simply self medication. This isn't helpful for you, your family or friends. Hypnotherapy isn't a cure for alcholism, but it is a sound method of releasing the mind from the problems that are driving the drink. Hypnotherapy can also help with breaking the habit..Book in to see me for a consultation and we can have a detailed chat as to what y uwant to achieve.

Alcoholism - the repeat use of alchol consumption despite any legal or health isues. Those with alcoholism may begin each day with a drink, feel guilty about their drinking an have the desire to cut down on the amount of drinking. People experiance

How does alcoholism effect the body: blackout, dizziness, shakiness, craving, or sweating, nausea or vomiting

How does alcoholism affect behaviour? aggression, agitation, compulsive behaviour, self-estructive behaviour, or lack of restraint

How does alcoholism affect mood? anxiety, euphoria, general discontent, guilt, or loneliness

Psychological: delirium or fear
Also common: physical substance dependence, problems with coordination, slurred speech, or tremor

If you have an alchol problem you should seak medical advice.


Hypnotherapy and alcohol

The emotional mind is a strong driver in behaviour. When you drink you’re doing for a reason, the reason is illogical, but it makes sense to you or at least you have justified it to yourself. Behind behaviours there are emotional foundations, change requires an alteration to these foundations. This is where a hypnotherapist is able to make a breakthrough.



Mayo clinic - Alcohol use disorder

US Mayo clinc alchol report - Link

Hypnotherapy does not cure alcoholism, but together we can work on the emotional drivers that make you want to continue drinking


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