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It is my mission to bring to the attention of the New Zealand public that Hypnotherapy is an tool that can be used in the fight against the mental health issues we are experiancing at the moment.

In line with these asperations I am willing to give a presentation to your club, organisation, school or workplace to explain

  • How the brain works in relationship to the logical conscious and emotional sub-consious mind

  • Discus what Hypnotherapy is and what it isn't

  • How the brain see's words

Just contact me and we can arrange something suitable - this will not cost you anything.


Have you ever wondered if you could be hypnotized? Would it surprise you to know that you probably enter a so-called hypnotic trance 4 or 5 times per day on your own? Hypnotism is an odd word, in general people think you have a hidden power, something out of a Harry Potter film. It is far from the truth, I even find the word trance not exactly correct although most hypnotic books talk about going in an out of trance.

The reality, thoughts emotions and behaviors are the communication between neurons within the brain. Brainwaves are produced by synchronised electrical pulses from masses of neurons communicating with others.

the most dominant brainwave is the BETA wave, (12 - 38 HZ) and is usually active when our attention is directed to the cognitive tasks and the outside world I usually refer to this as the Logical mind at work, it is present when we are alert, problem-solving, making judgments or when we make decisions.

When we calm the brain down the wave pattern reduces to between 8 - 12 HZ, this is known as the alpha wave, this is when you are in a resting state (not asleep) and it aids overall mental coordination, calmness, and learning.

When you are watching a movie and you are 'in the moment' your brain waves slow down as you relax and switch off to the world. So when something happens to the star in the film, yo feel sad. This is because the logical mind that works in the Beta range is at rest, you don't look at the film in a logical state, if you did then you would know it is a story, and these were actors. But in the Alpha state your logic is taking a nap and your emotions just believe what is happening in the movie and you have a little weep.

This is the hypnotherapy trick, by resting your mind through hypnotic methods you can slow your waves down so Logic takes a nap and we can talk directly to the emotions, and eventually understand your emotional beliefs, and may be even convince your emotional mind that what it thinks isn't exactly correct.

Christchurch Anxiety Stress Hypnotherapy
18th July 2019

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