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Hypnotherapy, hypnosis, or hypnotic suggestion is an ancient process that relaxes the client to a state of heightened focus and concentration. When you are in this state you feel calm and relaxed and become capable of deeper understanding and change

What can I do for You?

I work with people who are suffering through anxiety.

I teach you about hypnosis, and how the mind works. I listen to you. We utilise hypnosis to isolate your individual problems and put a plan together to resolve your issues.

I teach you self hypnosis techniques that last a life time

"If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail" - Abraham Maslow


In the modern era of fast everything there is a tendency to want to take a pill and all your problems will be solved. The Pharmaceutical industry have made a fortune out of producing magic pills for all aliments irrespective of whether it is applicable or not. Due to our faith in their integrity clinicians and governments have fallen into line. As they say no one got the sack for buying IBM.

The widespread use of psychiatric drugs is justified by the idea that they work by correcting, or helping to correct, underlying biological abnormalities that produce particular psychiatric symptoms. Normally when I meet a client with anxiety issues they are on some form of prescribed medication and they are only visiting me because it is not working. In fact, they have come to realise that now they are on meds they are going to be on them for life, attempting to balance the dosage with regular good and bad days.

But people need to understand that anxiety disorders are not an illness. Anxiety is a normal human condition; it is our flight or fight reaction. Imagine a car coming towards you.. Do you want to a) immediately jump out of the way of its path OR b) think about it then move? In the circumstances Option A will save your life.

It is only when people’s anxiety starts to become irrational that they have a problem. For example, when people have an intense fear or start to panic or fear panicking. A hypnotherapist is able to help a client rationalise the fear and bring it under control, giving the client their life back. Check out our anxiety page for more details

Pain relief

Pain is also a function of the brain, not so simply put when our nerves detect tissue damage and transmit information through the spinal cord to the brain. The normal way to control pain is by using an opioid based drug, these drugs are expensive and addictive. In recent research by the University of Greenwich London UK it was concluded that Hypnotherapy is a side-effect free and cost-effective tool, Peter Whorwell of Manchester University has even used hypnotherapy in irritable bowl syndrome treatment. [Peter Whorwell]. And if this is of interest watch a BBC documentary showing a man have a hernia operation under hypnosis. Hernia-operation


Hypnotherapy is used extensively for people who want to quit smoking or loose weight, I am a specialist in anxiety but I can direct you to good local practitioners. Weight loss is an example of hypnotherapy being used to control the late-night snacking urges, I am not a fan of gastric band work, however you can ask me why later.

Hypnotherapy Christchurch

The history of Hypnotherapy stretches back over 4000 years to the Egyptian sleep temples. Hypnotherapy is used in major progressive health care facilities in America and Europe for pain relief, and it was endorsed for therapeutic use by the British Medical Association back in 1892.

Hypnotherapy is an understanding of the minds functionality. The relationship between the conscious and sub-conscious mind and where the conflict can occur. My use of hypnotherapy is in the field of mental health and anxiety. Research has shown that hypnosis aids new neural pathways within the brain that in turn brings lasting change. 

I can assist with people who lack confidence, dread public speaking or just want to achieve goals. This works for all elements of your life, home, work, sport and social life. Anything that is holding you back 

Corporate stress and corporate activity is how I got into hypnosis and I can assist in company growth but normally to assist in resolving company issues usually in the worst of times.  


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Frequently asked questions

  •  How much does it cost? 
    $95 per hour
    $40 per call out Christchurch region
  • Do I give free informative lectures?
    Yes in the Christchurch region, I can discuss many aspects, including NLP, anxiety pain relief
  •  Can it work for Pain?
    Yes, Pain relief is a signal and it can be worked on using hypnotherapy, have work with pain in the lower back for example.
  • Do you help with anxiety?
    Yes, I focus on anxiety relief, for people who have panic attacks or anxiety disorders. Just askme what anxiety is below and we can get to work. 

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Frequently asked questions about hypnotherapy

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is an ancient method of relaxation and focused attention. 

What is hypnotherapy used for?

Hypnotherapy is used to treat anxiety, phobias, pain relief, habits, weight loss.

What is hypnotherapy like?

Hypnotherapy is like a controlled relaxation. You are in total control of the process at all times but you are able to focus on memories and experiences.