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What does anxiety feels like ?

Anxiety isn't a 'you are feeling this therefore you have an axiety issue" question and answer. However, symptons can include

  • a churning or spinning feeling in your stomach
  • light headiness
  • restless
  • aches (headache, backache etc)
  • faster breathing or faster heart rate.
  • sweating or hot flushes.
  • sleaping issues, teeth grinding
  • more than regular toilet going.
  • panic

Quotation " It got to Sunday night, I had trouble sleaping,  I couldn't stop think about the work day, I always had so much to do and felt that my colleagues and boss were looking at me because I couldn't meet the targets. I would get up in the morning and my stomach would get a cramping feeling, everything I did to prepare for work, have a shower, get dressed, prepare my lunch would make the sensation worse. If I got back into bed and I  would relax, then sleap all morning. I felt great until I started to think about my paying my rent then I would feel guilty about not going into work, how I let everyone down, and when would I be questioned about my absenteeism. Then it started up again"

Anxiety is a broad subject and htere are a number of differing types for example


These are unpredict attacks of extreme anxiety that include rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, nausia, dizzyness, sweating. Some even feel they are loosing their minds. It is a fear response. The effect of a panic attack can substancial dimish the quality of ones life, you will stop doing things just in case.

If you have a panic attack try to control your breathing slow it down, some stamp their feet on the ground to take control. There isn't an underlying medical condition that is causing your problems.

You need to talk to a close friend get it off your chest if you can, See a hypnotherapist and learn relaxatoin techinics, you may even want to visit our You tube self hympnosis page, (please remember to subscribe). it is free,

You Tube


Agoraphobia is the fear of having a panic attack in a specific situation. It could be in a fear of crowded place, being on a bridge, in a car etc.etc.

GAD - or General Anxiety Disorder

People with GAD experience chronic and exaggerated panic worry and tension even when nothin provokes it. These people always worry about disaster, worrying excessively about money, work or health and these concerns are difficult to shake off. They can never relax and can be seen twitching, always irritable and having hot flushes. Its more than being a worrier.

Specific Phobia

Specific Phobias are intense, irrational fears of certain things or situations. These can strike more than 1 in 10 people. If you have a phobia then you will need help to shake it off. Go and see a hypnotherapist.

Social Anxiety

This is an extreme fear of social activity. It is not shyness it is an uncomfortable emotion that creates physical distress. Very competent people with social anxiety problems can not speak in front of people in a social or professional function. It is more than that, people with social anxiety find it difficult to meet people, go on dates, go to functions, it even stops people from go to work when it is at its worst.


Remember that although your feelings are very frightening they are not dangerous or harmful. You are feeling an exaggeration of your normal bodily reactions, do not fight your feelings, face them and they will become less intense.

Self Hypnosis -  free you tube instruction guide,

Self hypnosis is a must for everyone that wants a healthy life. it is a 3 minute mind cleansing exercise twice a day. It is so easy to do that I teach all of my clients this on their first visit. I suggest you go to my You tube page (follow the you tube link below) and get to listen to the process online. It is free hypnotherapy but it would be nice if you subscribed. When you self hypnotise you give your self a release from the stress or anxiety that may be plague in you. and if you are in the work environment taking this time out will actually make you more focused, productive and happy, rather than stressed anxious and depressed. Best of its free, just go to the you tube link and follow the instructions.


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